A Day In London

A Day In LondonIt’s been a couple of years since I’ve been to London, so when Gaz asked if we could go for a day out this year for his birthday I looked at the trains and jumped at the chance – hello £12 return!

We decided we’d make a day of it and thought that by booking a day out in May, we’d get good weather. So on Saturday we got up and were happy to see that the sun was shining and we jumped on a train at 7:48am and headed down to London. We arrived in Euston which has changed quite a bit since I was last there and then went straight to the underground and headed to Elephant & Castle so that we could go to the Imperial War Museum. I’d never been before but Gaz had when he was younger so he was really looking forward to it. It was really interesting to walk around and we spent quite a bit of time walking around looking at the galleries and exhibitions. They also had some planes and tanks on display which of course Gaz enjoyed looking at and reading about in more depth.

A Day In LondonOnce we had finished at the Imperial War Museum we decided to head to London Bridge and have a walk around as it was such a nice day. We were going to have a walk along the bridge to find somewhere for lunch but Gaz saw that the HMS Belfast was there and he asked if we could go on to have a look around, so we did. We had to pay £16 but it was well worth it, you could go all over the ship and take a look at all of the rooms which was fantastic – you could see the boiler room, the laundry, the butcher and potato store and so much more. We were able to go up to the decks, see the captain and admiral cabins and look out towards London Bridge for some great views – the photos really didn’t do it justice but it was well worth the money we spent visiting and I would definitely recommend going if you haven’t been already.

We then went for lunch at Cote Brasserie which wasn’t far away from the ship, and then headed to London Bridge itself which we walked over but couldn’t take too many photos as it was really busy with tourists walking over it with their selfie sticks. We then decided to take a walk on that side of the river and walk back over the bridge we originally walked over which was nice as it was such a lovely, sunny day.

Once we had our walk, we decided to head towards central London and went to the Covent Garden tube station where we walked up ALL OF THE STAIRS to get to the top. I must remember not go to that station, I always forget the ridiculous staircase. We spent our last couple of hours walking around Covent Garden, having a look in shops, having a drink in a cafe and enjoying the sunshine. Once we had finished it was time to head home and we arrived back to Coventry at 7:30pm so we’d been out for 12 hours in the end.

I had my FitBit on that day and as you can see, I did a lot of Body Magic.

A Day In London

We had a great day out and enjoyed a little bit of sight seeing we did and I’m looking forward to spending the weekend there later on this year with one of my best friends as we go away for a girls weekend.

Have you been to London? What do you like to do there?