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prestige luxury flowers

I am the kind of person that will always love having a bunch of fresh flowers in my home – I remember once my best friend bought be a lovely white rose bouquet which I kept for ages because they are my favourite flower and it was so thoughtful of her. There’s also nothing nicer than walking into a room and seeing a lovely bunch of fresh flowers especially as they usually give off a lovely smell and brighten up the room.

Even though the majority of the flowers in my home are actually artificial wooden roses, I still think that there’s nothing better than receiving a lovely bunch of flowers which is why I will quite often choose to send some to my Mum as a gift.

Over the years I have used various companies to order flowers and gifts for my Mum and friends and have found that some are better than others. One of my favourite places to order from over the last year or so has been Prestige Flowers, so when they offered to send me one of the bouquets they offer I jumped at the chance because I have always been a paying customer and know that their customer service and delivery service has always been great in the couple of years I have been using them.

prestige luxury flowersprestige luxury flowers 

This time the service and flowers I received were no exception to my previous experiences and I was lucky enough to be sent the beautiful Grandeur Bouquet which is in the luxury flower range that they offer as a gift package. This lovely bouquet was sent to me using the next day flower delivery service that they offer which is great when you need to send a last minute gift which I have done in the past.

Onto the bouquet itself, the Grandeur Bouquet is absolutely stunning and not like one I have ever sent or received before. Within this bouquet is a fantastic arrangement of beautiful avalanche red roses (which also give off a fantastic small), sea holly and finished with some lovely  bright green foliage.

This bouquet also came with a lovely pink vase and some Finest Belgian chocolates so I would say that this is a great gift. As for how long the flowers last, I am happy to report that they are still going strong two weeks later. I am once again happy with the service and flowers received from Prestige Flowers and will continue to be a happy customer. 

Do you like giving flowers as a gift? If so, what are your favourite flowers?

This post was in collaboration with Prestige Flowers but all opinions are my own.
  • Did you really used those flowers or it is just a sponsored post? I mean I am looking for shop for gifting a flower to my partner but as surprise. So just asking whether it is good to shop or not?

    • As stated in my review I have used the company many times previously as a paying customer and it was only on this occasion that I was sent for a review, so yes I would recommend these and also OK Bouquet as they are the companies I have used personally recently and for my Mum at Christmas x

  • Wow. Looking for luxury flowers and here i got it. Bouquets is looking so fabulous. Actually i am thinking to give a gift to my partner on valentine day. so is it possible to deliver flowers by today ?