The May Round-Up

May Roundup I am a bit late in rounding up May, but you know what they say, better late than never, right? I spent the first bank holiday weekend in Scotland looking after my Mum and I booked a day of annual leave to extend my bank holiday. My Mum had an operation to remove one of her bunions and straighten her hammer toe so I went to help out, look after her and help around the house where I could. That weekend went by really quickly but it was nice to be able to go and help my Mum.

It was also Gaz’s 35th birthday in May and to celebrate we decided to have a day out in London which was a beautiful day, and then to extend the celebrations we also had a meal out in Turtle Bay which was delicious.

I also decided to buy some baskets from Tesco and make my bookcase look a little nicer as for a long time all you could see were the books Gaz has which are all about history and war. The end of April and the start of May were quite stressful and I found myself not loving my blog as much.

I took a step back and decided that I would like to change the way I blog and find myself again along with making videos as well. Sometimes you have to find your blogging mojo, right? I think I’ve got it back now. Thanks to a Twitter widget reminding me that some of my older blog posts were corrupt, I made the decision to change my blog a little I decided to do some much needed blog admin which I regretted after a week of having to go through over 300 posts and sort them out. I am thankful that exercise is finished now but it was worth it and left me feeling a lot better about my little space on the internet.

May Roundup Slimming World wise I got to my next goal of achieving my two stone award (more on that soon) and for getting that, Gaz bought me a Longchamp rucksack that I have wanted for ages. It’s quite a small rucksack but perfect for a day out. I also decided to change things up on the Slimming World front and change the fruit I’m eating to make sure they are all speed. It has definitely helped along the way. June has been great so far, although we’re almost half way through already.

How was your May?

  • lolaandbehold

    Well done on the 2 stone! I love what you said about Gaz’s books on history and war haha, as though you want them hidden away! xx