Why I Love Slimming World

Why I Love Slimming World

I have followed the slimming world plan for some time now and I absolutely love it to the point I would recommend it for anyone wanting to lose a bit of weight simply because it is a lifestyle and not a diet. I know a lot of people say this and some may not believe you but honestly, it’s the best and I never feel like I’m missing out.

The beauty of Slimming World means that I can have a takeaway, a meal out, a glass or three of prosecco, some chocolate and I can still lose weight. It’s all in moderation but the plan just works, I don’t have to count anything really, just my syns each week and I have to weigh my healthy extra’s which is fine as well. It’s just effortless and the community is fantastic as well, my group is so supportive and I am a member of a bloggers Facebook group and I also have a Pinterest group for inspiration.

Some of favourite meals: I honestly don’t know how I can narrow this down but some of my favourites at the moment are Potato, Leek and Bacon Bake, Bolognese BakeKeema Mince, Enchilada Style Lasagne and Tuna Pasta Bake.

Essentials?  I did a whole video on some of my essentials here but other essentials I would purchase over and over again are oxo cubes (chicken and vegetable mainly), balsamic vinegar, extra lean mince, heck sausages (paprika chicken are my favourite!) and vegetables (celery and carrots are two of my favourites).

Have I learnt anything new? Yes one major thing I have learnt throughout my journey is the simple fact that I can have a life and lose weight. I can enjoy myself, see my friends, go out for a meal, have a drink, go on holiday and I can still lose weight.

Aims overall? My main aim which seems more realistic than it did when I first started is to get to target and stay at target. I know that it won’t be easy to maintain my loss but I also want to get fitter as well as healthier and that goal doesn’t seem so far away now.

Any new dishes to try? I want to try and make some more fakeaway’s at the weekend rather than using my syns on a takeaway. I want to try and make more curry dishes as well.

Wanting to lose? Another 1 and a half stone to get to target ideally. This may change, we will see as I get closer to the original target I had in mind.

If you do Slimming World, why do you love the plan?