Slimming World’s Meals For One

Slimming World Meals for OneAs we all know by now, I absolutely love recipe books and I have some what of a collection – mainly of the Slimming World variety. I adore the Slimming World books and have most of them in my collection as they are full of lovely ideas and food inspiration, plus they are always incredible value coming in at under £5 for most of the books.

The latest addition to the Slimming World recipe book is the new Meals For One book which launched a couple of months ago but has been in my recipe book collection ever since. This book is great because it gives meal inspiration but also focuses on meals for one. I lived on my own for a number of years but now I live with my boyfriend and I am lucky because he will eat anything I throw at him so he will always eat my Slimming World friendly offerings (although he eats pizza a lot more than I do!).

I have noticed that a lot of the recipes featured in previous books are focussed for two or more people so sometimes it seems a little daunting to make that much if you are just cooking for yourself and not everyone has the room to batch cook and freeze.

The new Meals For One recipe book has 60 new recipes that have been designed for just one person. This means that the ingredients and measurements means minimal leftover but also means that if you wanted to double up for batch cooking, it can easily be done.

Slimming World Meals for OneThe book has five separate sections of different recipes. Firstly, light fantastic which features snacks, starters and higher meals such as a delicious breakfast soufflé and a perfect snack or starter – beetroot houmous with crudités.  

Then we have one-hit wonders which focuses on delicious meals for one that sound incredible if you ask me – next on my list to make is the yakitori turkey and balsamic pork with celeriac mash. Yum yum!

Fast and fabulous by name suggests quickness, and the idea of this section is that you can make the meals in 20 minutes. How amazing is that? My favourite so far has been the chicken and sweetcorn pasta salad – delicious and perfect for lunchtime or a main meal.

Slimming World Meals for One

Feasts from the freezer is all about freezing ahead of time to prepare for your meal which is a great idea as these recipes are all perfect for batch cooking. The ragu, stew and BBQ chicken recipes are on my never ending list to try next. They all look amazing!

Slimming World Meals for OneSweetness and light will probably be a favourite in most households. There are some beautiful recipes and ideas for pudding in this section. Eton Mess is one of them and it is so easy to make for one person or even two, so if you are just cooking for one you should never go without. 

Once again, this recipe book is fantastic and even though I normally cook for two, I have been enjoying using this recipe book a lot recently.

What are your favourite recipes at the moment?

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