The July Round-Up

The July Round-Up

I honestly feel like July went in a blink. I know, we say that after almost every month but July went in the blink of an eye and now we’re in August. So, what happened in July?

I spent the first week with my parents, we went to the Lake District for few days and then onto Scotland for a few days. Honestly, that week feels like it was lifetime ago now but it was a fantastic week which I came back feeling really relaxed from. I then came back to Coventry to what seemed like a two week heatwave.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people who wishes every season away. I just don’t like being in work when it’s so warm in the UK with no air con and you feel like there’s no air. Luckily, I have been bringing out my dresses to keep me cooler in the warmer weather. I also finally started my bullet journal which I’m hoping to film mini videos for, so more on that soon. 

The July Round-Up

My boyfriend and I went with our friends to a live comedy night at the Showcase Cinema which is one of my favourite nights out. It was a fantastic night out for all of us and overall great value for money. The comedy was excellent and we also had some cheap drinks there as well. You can’t really go wrong, it was such a good night out. 

July ended with me leaving my old blog name behind and changing to my new domain which is where you are reading now. I was lucky enough to have Pipdig helping me move my domain which made it that much easier as I genuinely wouldn’t know where to start, just like I didn’t know where to start when I moved to WordPress. I have changed most of my social media and am in the process of changing the last few handles now. I am changing my layout slightly too, nothing major I just want a little refresh. 

In July I’ve been enjoying finding new recipes and watching recipe videos on Pinch of Nom. They also have a fantastic community on Facebook as well so I would highly recommend you request to join if you’re interested in Slimming World friendly recipes, tips and chit chat.

I’ve also been enjoying sorting my clothes out and having a good clear out using the Marie Kondo method. I’m not sure where this method has been all my life but it has helped.

My new favourite app is WhatsApp web/desktop which is where you download whatsapp for your computer and you can use it without being on your phone 24/7. It’s fabulous! 

TV wise I’ve started a new show thanks to my friend Amanda – The Catch. If you like White Collar or Blacklist, you will love this. I’d highly recommend.

August is going to be a busy month for me, jam packed from start to finish with weekends away, planning for New York which is less than 6 weeks away *eep!* and seeing friends and family. I still don’t feel like I’m going to New York. I’ve been saying I am since I booked the week away in January but it doesn’t feel real. I suppose it won’t feel real until I’m actually there and looking at my surroundings. I’ve wanted to go there for a long time so I am very much looking forward to spending my 30th birthday there with my boyfriend.

How was your July?