The October Round-Up

The October Round-Up

October, you have been a very strange month indeed. I left September on a high, feeling ready for the Autumn and Winter but during October something quite big happened in my life which meant that everything kind of went a bit crazy but I can’t really talk about yet. I don’t want to dwell on that though, so on to the positives.

One of the reasons that Autumn is my favourite season is because of the pretty colours of the leaves as they fall – lots of shades of orange, red, green and brown. I just love the colours and also love walking through them kicking the leaves as I go.

At the beginning of October I went for a photoshoot with one of my best friends, Charlie. It was a gift given to me by one of my lovely friends for my birthday and I was so excited to go, especially with Charlie as I knew we’d have a laugh and it would be a good excuse to get a bit glammed up. We text back and forth in the days before to discuss hair, clothes and what makeup we might want. I’m going to review the photoshoot soon but overall I was so impressed with the experience and absolutely love the photos we have from it. Originally we had wanted photos of both of us but when we saw some of them we really liked a couple of individual photos and decided to get them as well.

The October Round-Up

Autumn is also my favourite time of year for food as you can have delicious, hearty and filling meals that are totally syn free – casserole, roast dinners, cottage pie and more. I really ought to do a Slimming World (and life) update soon but I will say that it’s still going really well. Overall, my Slimming World journey is slow and steady and to be honest I’m more than happy with that. I’ve seen a lot of men and women who manage to lose 5 stone in a short period of time and have often wondered why I can’t do that. The realisation that we’re all different and some may lose quicker than others has really helped me along my journey. I do the same thing week in, week out and my new mantra is to work hard and it will pay off later. I know my body will eventually catch up with me during the weeks where I maintain or have a small gain, and I’m fine with that. The photoshoot I had showed me how much of a difference I’ve made to my body and I’m proud of myself. I want to get to my target weight, it’s not a million miles away and although I wanted to achieve it this year I think it’s more achievable for me to be hitting target within the first few months of next year. Target is all about what you want to achieve and not what you think you should be. I know what weight I want to be, and what dress size and I’m working towards that.

The October Round-Up

As you can probably tell, I’ve not been as active on my blog as I’d like to be and unfortunately I think it will be like that for a few more weeks now due to some life stuff, but I do plan on at least posting one post a week – quality over quantity and all that.

I’ve been loving TV recently – Flash and Arrow are back *eek* and I finished Night Of which unfortunately was a complete disappointment in the end (to me, anyway!). Secrets and Lies is my TV recommendation from this month, it’s starting the second season on W and it’s one of my favourite genre of shows – crime mystery. I also saw Doctor Strange which was an amazing film, if you like Marvel you need to go and see it, pronto!

I’ve also been really enjoying Country Music and have had Carrie Underwood blasting out of my iPod every morning.

In November I do have some exciting plans which means every weekend is filled – a fireworks party, a trip to Scotland to see my parents and pup, a girls weekend and some Christmas shopping.

  • You look beautiful in the photograph, I bet it was lots of fun too especially doing it with a friend, you both look stunning 🙂 you can see how much weight you have lost too, well done. I hope you’re ok and things settle down for you soon, thinking of you xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    • Thank you so much lovely. It was wonderful, we both had an amazing day. I am ok thanks and I’m sure everything will settle soon. Hope you are well too xxx