HelloFresh Classic Food Box

HelloFresh Classic Food Box Review

As you all know, I love cooking and creating new recipes but sometimes I lack inspiration (we all do) and wish someone else could create my meal plan for the week. HelloFresh very kindly offered to send me one of their classic boxes to try out for a few days and as I’m on Slimming World, they sent me a low calorie box which was filled with recipes perfect to stay on plan for the week.

HelloFresh Classic Food Box Review

How does it work?

Every week, Head Chef Patrick and his team create new recipes with an easy to follow photo step-by-step guide for you to cook their delicious and nutritious meals at home. The best bit? You don’t have to worry about the planning or creation, just the home cooking. HelloFresh source all of their fresh ingredients from their hand picked suppliers and package them up in the exact quantities you need so you never have to worry about measuring or weighing. They can also deliver your box on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Thursday and delivery is completely free of charge.

HelloFresh Classic Food Box Review

I opened the box and noticed that everything was packaged really well. The food came in a bag with a 100% wool liner which you can send back to be recycled or put them on your compost heap. They also use ice packs to make sure the meat stays fresh which is once again recyclable. My first impressions were good – everything looked really fresh so I put them in my fridge and cupboards and put the meals into my meal planner for the week.

I was sent a box for two people which consisted of three meals: Warm Chicken and Kale Caesar Salad, Prawn and Chorizo Chickpea Stew and Chef’s Tomato Garlic Ragu with Tagliatelle.

HelloFresh Classic Food Box ReviewHelloFresh Classic Food Box ReviewHelloFresh Classic Food Box Review

Overall I was extremely impressed by the box and the recipes – I’ve even kept the recipe cards and I will definitely be making the recipes again. Each meal was extremely easy to make following the guides so even if you’re not much of a cook, this would still be easy. The meals were all absolutely delicious, the Ragu was different to any I’ve made before as it used Soy rather than Worcestershire sauce, the Chicken and Kale Caesar Salad would be a perfect summer time recipe and the Prawn, Chorizo and Chickpea stew was packed full of flavour.

The boxes are priced starting around £39 but HelloFresh have kindly given me a code for you all if you use my code ALISONTHURSBY you can get £25 off your first box. This means you will get a box at a bargain price, so why not get yourself one and get cooking some tasty meals! As a side note, if f you are on Slimming World I would recommend opting for the low-calorie option – you can still stay on plan without any guilt.